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What's the Difference Between the Ecard's Email and Video?

Video-based Ecards need to be put online.
Then, you need to direct your recipients to them.

The number one point of confusion we see when it comes to business ecards is how you send them. However, this confusion actually stems from something deeper where most people without a technical background often don't initially understand. It's not because it's incomprehensible due to some high level of technical skill required, but rather something quite simple - the lack of basic clarity for exactly what parts make up an ecard - the email you send and the video you watch online.

Simply stated, an ecard is a greeting you sent electronically - also called an egreeting. An ecard can be as simple as an email with a lovely birthday graphic and typed message. On the more sophisticated side, like our corporate ecards, it can be a professionally designed video with animation, music, images, text and interactivity. These video portion of these professional ecards need to be put online and you need to direct your recipients to them - by sending an email. This is where the confusion occurs.

When the recipient clicks the URL link in the EMAIL, it automatically opens their default web browser to an online location where the VIDEO is viewed.

You cannot email a video-based or interactive ecard and expect it to work inside any given email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, corporate email clients, etc).

There are two parts to understand - the Email and the Video

The Ecard's Email

The ecard's email is what appears in the recipient's inbox. It can have animated graphics with a clickable link (i.e. the URL link) for the recipient to view the ecard.

The Ecard's Video

The ecard's video is a video file that cannot be played directly in most email clients, so it gets viewed online by embeddeding it into a simple webpage and hosting online (e.g. on your company website or content delivery network).

All ecard orders come with animated email graphics.

This should help you understand the difference between the email you send and the video the recipients click to view. If not, ask us and we'll explain further.

Posted: 2020-10-17 (Updated: 2021-03-29)