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Creative services for original and unique designs available. Additional costs may apply.

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Employee Recognition and Appreciation through Corporate E-Cards

Why Is Employee Recognition And Appreciation Important?

Employees invest hours of extensive hard work and sweat into projects which end up yielding positive responses from the clients. This requires employees to step into the shoes of a leader, meet crucial deadlines, and sacrifice personal entertainment. Imagine even after relentless efforts and years of dedication, there was not a single demonstration of appreciation by the managers. How would that make the employee feel? Will the employee put in similar efforts next time? The answer will obviously be in negative.

When hard work goes unappreciated, the employee loses interest and the repercussions that the leadership has to face is damaging to the reputation of the company. The business no longer appears to be a supporter of team work and individual efforts having the following effects:

  1. Turnover rate increases. Because there was no recognition, there was a lack of an engagement. As a consequence people no longer show interest in maintaining long-term relationship with the corporation.
  2. People lose motivation and the zeal to take up on challenging tasks.
  3. The overall team culture of the office becomes poor. Where people are not appreciated, the employees become impolite, taciturn, withdrawn and do not digest criticism well too.

Showing Appreciation through corporate business cards

Employee recognition and appreciation is a simple task really. It brings out the best from the employees, making them transcend to higher levels of excellence and remain competitive. A simple “thank you” or “you are an asset to the organization” is not a cumbersome task as most managers may think. There are really affordable and easy ways to celebrate the work done by employees such as appreciating employees on social media and sending out recognition emails amongst all employees.

Employee anniversary ecards are perhaps one of the best ways to show gratitude towards your employees. It is not just an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to show appreciation, but it holds several other advantages as well. You can always personalize the e-cards by adding photographs pertinent to the occasion for which you are thanking the employee. There is no time constraint, you can e-mail the cards anytime and the best part is that you can put other members of the team in carbon copy and let everyone else know as well that how valuable your employees are for the growth of your business.

Occasions to Appreciate and Recognize Employees

There are several occasions on which you can show gratitude and appreciation to the employees. Celebrating work anniversaries is crucial in letting the individual know that the years of hard work is not unappreciated. Completion of a seemingly impossible and unmanageable task deserves a special recognition for sure because that individual employee has earned the right to be in the limelight for the moment.

Birthday is another occasion where you can let the employee know that they are valuable by sending corporate e-cards. You can even recognize female employees and show appreciation on occasions like women’s day.

So don’t let all of the gratitude keep on accumulating inside your chest, send corporate e-cards and let the individual employee relish the spotlight for they are crucial to the success of your business.

Motivating Employees

While it sounds easy to do in theory, motivating employees is actually quite tricky and difficult in practice. Each of us is unique and every one reacts differently to varying incentives and motivational tools.

Some people prefer monetary rewards and bonuses. Others are motivated by a better work-life balance. Some employee may want a greater challenge that allows them to push themselves harder.

However, one thing that always affects employee behavior positively is appreciation from the management and other colleagues. This could be done through a well-delivered complement, a pat on the back or a holiday greetings card that makes them feel remembered and appreciated during the occasion.

Personalizing Your E-Cards

E-Cards offer a lot more flexibility and customization options than regular greetings cards. Not only can you write something inspirational for your employees, you can use animation to draw attention to the message as well. You can customize the card with employee photos, record a voice message and even sing them a little Christmas carol to keep things light and fun.

An E-Card lets you recount a memory from the past in audio, detailing some specific achievement of your employee. For instance, you can remind them of the great work they put in during a difficult time for the business where their efforts really made a difference.

You can also let your employees know how much you’ve seen them grow and improve over the year. A comparison of employee performance at the start and end of the year would show them how they’ve learned while working for the company.

You can also motivate your employees by letting them know how their role affects the business as a whole. People feel good when they know they are needed. So use the E-card to let them know just how much they mean for your team’s overall performance.

For more inspirational ideas, have a look at some of samples for employee anniversary ecards, and see if you find something that make your employees feel special. Contact us and start sending a happy anniversary ecard from your business to employees today!