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Add-ons for our Customizable Corporate Ecards

Our e-card add-ons provide extra customizable aspects, functionality, personalization and tools to aid in the hosting and delivery of e-cards.

Optional Ecard Add-ons

Should you not be able to host or deliver your e-card on your own, we've got you covered.

Temporary E-Card Hosting

Don’t worry about preparing your webserver for the high spike in traffic a website often receives when sending an ecard. Don’t worry about asking your IT Team or webmaster for help. Host your ecard on our ultra-fast, highly available, global content delivery network. Our network utilizes Today’s best technology for serving content to every corner of the world on-demand. Your corporate holiday greeting card is synchronized in over 40 network locations spanning across 5 continents.

E-Card Hosting FAQs

E-Card Delivery Services

We send using YOUR email addresses so it looks like it is coming from you, not us.

Don’t let your beautiful ecard get caught in the spam trap. Don’t worry about very high bounce rates that can get your company’s email addresses blacklisted by sending to an unmanaged customer list. Use our high deliverability and highly reputable ecard delivery service to send your ecards. With years of experience of staying out of the spam box, get piece of mind knowing that the pros are handling your delivery.

Have more than one list? Ask us about special pricing to send to all your lists.

E-Card Delivery FAQs

Email List Cleaning

Got an old list customer email list? Not sure which ones still work? Don't risk ruining your good email sender reputation to find out! With our email list cleaning service, we test each email address on your list and report back with which ones are good and which ones are bad. Reduce bounce rates substantially and protect your company's email sender reputation.

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Ecard Feature Add-ons

Further customize and personalize your e-card with these great add-ons.1,2

Signatures E-Card Insert

Add another personal touch to your e-card by including the signatures of your company’s executives, partners, management team, staff, etc. Our Signatures E-card Insert gets prominently displayed at the end of the e-card and can accomodate 8 signatures ($10 per additional signature. Up to 18 maximum per Insert).

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Personalization E-Card Insert

If you're looking for separate, personalized versions for staff where each includes a personal message and photo, our Personalization E-Card Insert allows just that!

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Group Photo E-Card Insert

Show your smiles! Include a group photo of your team at the end of your business e-card when you add on our Group Photo E-card Insert.

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Donation E-Card Insert

Perfect for Non-Profits. Visible at the end of your e-card, our Donation E-Card Insert displays your donation message, a logo and a web address to your donate page.

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Address Change E-Card Insert

Planning to Move? Want to get the word out? Our Address Change E-Card Insert displays your new contact information, and a clickable image (e.g. a map linking to your website's contact page).

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Additional Languages

If you have Clients or Customers in other countries where their native language is not English, you can have additional versions of your e-card created in almost any language you require.3

Additional Versions

If you require additional versions of your e-card with slight variations like: a different logo; different colors; OR different text, we can accommodate you.

Additional Image Versions

If you require additional versions of your e-card with different images/photos, we can create them.

Change the Music

Change the music in one template with the music in another template or provide your own music to use.

E-Card Design FAQs

High-Res HD Video (1080p)

Want to play your ecard on lobby TVs or in a waiting room? Order the high-resolution video version of your ecard in 1080p HD.

Fast-Lane Pass

The Fast-Lane Pass gets your project completed faster. It places priority on your project so that it gets moved to the front of the line at every step of the project. While it absolutely gets your project completed sooner, it cannot guarantee a specific completion date.

1 Some feature add-ons may have specific server requirements in order to work correctly within your website's hosting environment.

2 Some feature add-ons may not be available to every e-card style we offer. If applicable, we will let you know if an add-on can be used with a specific e-card before we start your project.

3 With a small amount of our Pop-up E-Cards, text in the pop-up card animation may not be updatable to another language. If applicable, we will let you know before we start your project.