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How Do You Send a Corporate Holiday Ecard?

Once your ecard is designed and hosted online, it's ready to be sent.

Just like an evite.
Imagine you get an email with a link to an evite.
You click the evite link.
Your web browser opens and shows the evite.
Our ecards work the same way.

A common point of confusion is not realizing the difference between the ecard's video you view online and the ecard's email with the link to it's video.

We recommend you use an email marketing service or CRM to send your ecard. While you can still use Outlook and other corporate email clients to send, the recommended methods make it simple.

But how exactly do you send it?
We recommend using an email marketing service or CRM to send your ecard.

We also offer add-on Ecard Delivery Service if you need it.

Everyone receives their own uniquely personalized email.

Using your email marketing solution, simply create a new message, insert the link to your ecard, select your list of contacts and send. You create one message and the sending system ensures everyone receives their own uniquely personalized email.

Some examples of services are MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid, AWeber, Campaigner and iContact. We also offer an Ecard Delivery Service.

With all ecard orders, you receive an HTML email template you can use with any of the services named above. The email template includes animated email graphics that resemble your ecard.

Posted: 2018-07-23