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E-Card Products & Services

Business Ecards are versatile. They can be used to send seasonal greetings, express appreciation, recognize employees, announce special events, market products and more.

Sending out cards to your clients during the holiday season is a subtle but important move for your business. Your clients are your livelihood; without them, your business wouldn't be successful. Therefore, you need to make sure that they feel appreciated – it's one of the most important steps in forming good relationships and ensuring continued business.

However, if you've got a fairly large clientele, one that consists of about 500 or more, you know that sending out holiday cards can get expensive – plus, you might be worried about wasting the paper or the employee time it takes to sign and address each one. That's why we've perfected the art of making holiday e-cards.

These digital cards are a great way to create a greeting that's branded and personalized to your company, reinforcing your relationship with clients and other businesses. It also saves the time, paper, and effort of sending out paper cards. Check out the different types of e-cards and services we offer below!

Our Core 4 Corporate Ecard Products

Explore the 4 core corporate e-card product offerings we have below.

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Photo & Text

Most popular. Combines photos with your greetings.


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Keep-it-simple. Your greetings with illustrated animations.


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Lovely pop-up card animations with your greetings.


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Staff Photo

Share your Team's smile! Greetings optimized for staff photos.


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