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How Long Does the Ecard Design Process Take?

It's one of the top questions we get about our ecards.

How long does it take? One of the top questions we get with every new customer that contacts us about our ecards. Since we've been designing ecards for almost two decades now, we've got a vast amount of experience with ecard projects and have seen a wide range of variables that can affect timing.

Every customer is different.

Every customer is different. With some of our ecard customers, they are the decision maker while with other customers, there is a chain of command to send through items for review and feedback. This alone makes up the majority of the project duration and not something we can control on our side.

Some of our customers are prompt and deliver items, review draft versions and provide feedback right away. These customers see project timelines cut down dramatically. For some customers like this, we've even completed their ecard the same day as they ordered it!

...we've even completed their ecard the same day as they ordered it!

...expect the usual turnaround times on our side...

For customers on the other end, who have to go through a chain of command, they can expect the usual turnaround times on our side, just the duration of the project overall will be longer given that they require more time on their end for tasks like reviews and sign-offs.

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Keep in mind that during times of high volume, while we will work to turn around production and projects as quickly as possible, timelines may be extended slightly. Always order ecards early and don't wait until the last minute, especially around Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us or place an order or ask questions.

Posted: 2021-03-02