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Email List Cleaning Service

Need to clean your email lists?
EXPERIENCING problems with large number of BOUNCED EMAILS?

To ensure e-card delivery success, a clean and up to date email list is essential. Un-cleaned lists can result in your e-cards going to spam or worse, your company's email blacklisted!

Why do you need a clean email list?

Here are some reasons why a clean email list is so essential for the success of your e-card's delivery and email marketing campaigns.

  1. Improves your e-card and email marketing success rate!
  2. Reduces bounce rates.
  3. No more time wasted on manual email filtering!
  4. Improve conversion rates.
  5. Increases profits.
  6. Decreases cost of ecard delivery and email marketing.
  7. Boosts your sender reputation.
  8. Reaches the people who actually want to hear from you.
  9. Reduces SPAM complaints
  10. Helps your company stay off blacklists.

Our Email List Cleaning Services

You get 2 lists - a GOOD list and a BAD list.

At, we use multiple layers of email verification including DNS checking, SYNTAX checking, MX server checking, and user checks. Once we have completed your order, we report back to you the results of each layer of the verification process; provide you with two lists including a GOOD list showing email addresses that have been verified and BAD list showing email addresses have failed a check.1


Here's the current pricing for our email list cleaning and email verification service.

United States Pricing

Canadian Pricing

Up to 5000 email addresses verified.

Got a bigger list? Contact us.

In todayโ€™s fast paced business landscape where buying decisions are made quickly, email marketing offers you a direct link to the emotions that trigger a customerโ€™s buying decision and this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

It is no secret that the balance of power between a consumer and a marketer is shifting gradually to the consumer. Needless to say, consumers are always on the lookout for services that provide them with the best value. They have more options, more resources and expect more personalization and customization than ever before.

Email is no exception to this rule. While it a very intelligent idea to send your corporate eCards to cultivate your relationships, it is very important for you to make sure that your client receives it. If it ends up in the SPAM folder, all your efforts are going to be wasted.

If you are still DELIVERING your ECARDS to a STALE and OUTDATED email list, you are not only wasting your precious time and resources, you are doing some SERIOUS DAMAGE to your brand.

Why you should clean your Email Lists? โ€“ Top Reasons

Sending eCards to your clients on special occasions is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. With increasing competition in the world of business, it is one of the most cost effective and quick ways of keeping your business fresh in the minds of your customers while at the same time conveying them the significance of their relationship with you.

To ensure email marketing success, a clean and up to date email list is essential. When your number of bounces, complaints and spam trap hits exceed the threshold set by ISPs, your EMAIL MESSAGES can be sent to the SPAM FOLDER or even BLOCKED.

Spam monitors, email security services, Internet Service Providers all set a threshold limit for what constitutes an acceptable email campaign. Your spam complaints, undelivered messages and un-subscribers all need to be in the range of these thresholds to avoid unwanted attention from these groups.

Preventing your emails from going into the junk is one of the most complicated tasks you need to tackle if you want to makes sure your eCards get into your customerโ€™s inbox.

Blasting your emails to an unqualified list may lead to account suspensions from your email platform, penalties or even fines, not to mention poor marketing results.

To ensure success in your EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN, a CLEAN Email List is Important!

A well managed email marketing campaign can help maintain relationships with your existing customers to promote brand awareness and visibility. It also has the potential to convert a prospect into a loyal customer. Both of which will BOOST the REPUTATION of your service and your REVENUE.

Here are some reasons why a clean email list is so essential for the success of your email marketing campaign.

  • Reduce Bounce Rates
    Perhaps the most important thing to watch out for when sending an e Card via email is that the emails do not BOUNCE. A high bounce rate will get your BRAND flagged in SPAM BLACKLISTS. And if that happens, emails that normally will be delivered to your recipients will be BLOCKED, rendering your email marketing campaign MEANINGLESS.
  • Foster relationships and maintain the Reputation of your BRAND with Corporate eCards
    By maintaining a CLEAN and UP-TO โ€“DATE email list you can be sure you are reaching the right person. This ensures you are able to COMMUNICATE effectively to build brand awareness and value.
  • Improve your Conversion rate by sending eCards to people who matter
    By clearing our INVALID or INACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESSES from your email list, you can dedicate your resources and time into converting valid prospects into loyal customers. Instead of spamming thousands of emails that may BOUNCE back, you focus on marketing your services to people that are your target customers.
  • Decrease the Costs of Email Marketing
    Needless to say, EMAIL MARKETING costs TIME and MONEY. With a clean and up to date email list, you only deal with a smaller list but with a much higher chance to reach your target audience.

Donโ€™t wait until you have been blacklisted โ€“ Clean your email list now!

1 Our email verification and list cleaning service (just like other email verification services and programs) can determine up to 70-90% of bad email addresses and may return some false-positives. Learn more.