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The Tradition of Sending Thanksgiving Greetings

History of Thanksgiving Cards

The tradition of sending greeting cards to family and friends dates back to the early nineteenth century. At that time, sending greeting cards was mostly for wealthy and elite people. However, the tradition soon gained massive popularity in the mid nineteenth century. By 1850s, different types of greeting card printing techniques were being used to design elaborated pricey cards as well as simple affordable greeting cards.

Thanksgiving cards that date back to the late nineteenth century are still present in some greeting cards archives. However, Thanksgiving cards were not widely exchanged until the end of the World War I. The rest is history. Today greeting cards are widely used as a means to wish your loved ones on different occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Easter, New Year’s, etc.

History of Thanksgiving E-cards

E-cards are not very old. E-cards were first introduced in late 1994 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. E-cards gained immense popularity immediately after their introduction. The company sent thousands of e-cards daily during the first holiday season. Soon, many other companies stepped into the e-greetings industry. The e-card industry reached its peak in 1999, which was the dotcom boom period. Major technological changes occurred in the e-greetings industry and several new types of e-cards were introduced such as video e-cards, flash e-cards, customizable e-cards, mobile e-cards, etc. All of these types are used by businesses for sending Thanksgiving e-cards

Posted: 2014-10-15