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2015 Products & Services Update: What's New, Changed and Gone?

We've been busy this year creating new products; new technologies; updating older ones; and making great strides to provide our corporate ecard clients with superior quality and an unparalleled customer service experience. Along with these changes, we’ve seen the addition of new products and services; changes to existing ones; and even the removal of some.

We’ve put together an organized list of all the 2015 changes (thus far) below.

Responsive design e-cards

We’ve made industry-leading upgrades to our e-card technology. Now, all our e-cards are fully responsive. They automatically adjust to fit the various screen sizes of Today’s most popular mobile and desktop devices! From our on-going research and investigation, our competitors are significantly failing at it - or worse, they are choosing to completely ignore it.

New Slideshow E-Cards

New for the 2015 holiday e-card season, we’re excited to unveil our Slideshow E-Cards. With so many options and related add-ons, this new style of e-card, by far, is our most versatile e-card yet! They are great for more than just holiday greetings. Use them for announcements, demonstrations, orientations, learning tools, product presentations, and more.

New Pop-up E-Cards

New this year, our Pop-Up E-Cards’ design is inspired by traditional pop-up books and paper pop-up greetings cards. Beautifully crafted and intrinsically detailed designs make these Pop-Up greetings delightful for companies wanting to send shorter greetings that stand out from other greetings. Our Pop-up E-Cards are available for a variety of occasions and purposes.

We now have short versions of our Illustrated E-cards

We’ve had many requests over the years for a version of our Illustrated E-Cards that just shows the lovely envelop scene followed by the ending text scene. Now, we’ve got it! Introducing Illustrated E-Card ‘Short Versions’. Any Illustrated E-Card from our collection can be turned into a short version. See the difference now.

Change the music in our templates

By popular demand and as an add-on service, we can now change the music in one template to the music in another template or you can provide your own music appropriately licensed for use with our e-cards. There are some considerations to be aware of and you can read about them in the “Design > Music” section of our FAQs.

Auto-play e-cards

Now, our e-cards begin to play as soon as they are opened in a web browser! No more having to click the play button.

E-Mail List Cleaning Service

Our new email list cleaning service, available as a standalone service or included for free with our E-Card Delivery Service, is a great way to instantly reduce your bounce rates associated with your email lists. Maintaining bounce rates below or at the industry threshold will protect and build your company’s email sending reputation. We’ve got an entire page describing the service and the many other benefits of maintaining a clean email list.

Multiple "Sender Email Addresses" now supported with our E-Card Delivery Service

Our E-Card Delivery Service (formerly called, E-Mail Delivery Services) now supports the use of multiple sender email addresses! Now, rather than having all your e-cards sent from the same e-mail address, we can send form any email addresses your provide. You just indicate in your list, which recipient gets their e-card sent from which sender email address. We handle the rest.

Upgraded Temporary E-Card Hosting Platform

Our Temporary E-Card Hosting service has been significantly upgraded and is now a high-speed, cloud-based, global content delivery network with multiple points of redundancy. This is the exact same network the samples on our website use.

With this major upgrade, we no longer require client’s to select a unique domain name to use for the duration of the hosting term. We now create a unique e-card URL by selecting a theme-appropriate domain from a list of domains we’ve made available to this service and append your company name.

Also, unfortunately, we are no longer providing statistics with our Temporary E-card Hosting service. “Hosting-style” statistics, like those provided by our old Temporary E-card Hosting, are far inferior to the “email-style” statistics you get with our E-Card Delivery Service and from third-party e-mail delivery service provider. With email-style, you get the popular data points of hosting-style but also get data that drills down on a specific email address or recipient. With hosting-style, you don’t get the later.

We’ve gone social!

While we’ve been on Twitter for a few years (@corporateecards), we now have a Facebook and Google+ page. Visit them; follow us; like us; become a fan; and share, share, share!

We’ve got a new Website

If you haven’t already seen it, we updated our website earlier in the year to make it more user friendly. Also, we’ve added pricing, an expanded FAQs and ordering capabilities right on the site! Now, everything is on the table to help everyone make their decision. Of course, we love to chat, so call us if you’d rather talk to a human! We’d love to hear from you!

“Send me a sample!” feature added to product pages

A feature that has been in high-demand is here. Now, you can send yourself (or, a colleague, manager, decision maker, etc) a sample of any template on our site. See how it could look in your email and clicking though to the web. Find the big yellow “Send me a sample!” button below the templates on any E-Card Collection page.

We’ve ditched the term ‘Branded’

For years, we’ve indicated that our products can be “re-branded” with your company logo and colors by simply including the term “Branded” in the product name. With the expansion of our product line, it’s just too much ‘branded’, ‘branded’, ‘branded’ everywhere. The simpler naming conventions make it easier to identify and differentiate between the e-card styles we offer.

New online payment system for U.S. and Canadian currencies

We’ve added a new online payment system that is expected to make the payment process far more user-friendly and accommodate U.S. and Canadian currencies.

That covers almost all of what we’ve been up to this year. We’re saving the rest for our big plans in 2016! We hope you find value in these additions, changes and update and we’d love to hear what you think.

Posted: 2015-08-13