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New & Amazing Corporate Ecard Templates Coming This Summer!

We are excited to have started designing some new and amazing corporate ecard templates for this year’s holiday season. This year is going to be great!

The Corporate Holiday Ecards Factory pumpin out new ecard designs.

With feedback from many of our clients who participated in our end-of-season survey, we are focusing much of this year on developing new templates for our ecard product lines.

It’s something our 4- and 5-year returning clients have been asking for. With the technology for our mobile-friendly ecards locked-down, we are turning the majority of our focus this year to what has made Corporate Holiday Ecards what it is today – amazing design.

"...we are turning the majority of our focus this year to...amazing design."

Want to see new templates as they arrive? Here’s how!

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Posted: 2016-05-05