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Finding Out If You Can Host Your Own Ecard

Feeling anxious about the word "hosting"?
No idea where to start?
Not to worry.

Here's what you do:
Send this message below to the person you would talk to if you wanted to update a page on your website.



We’re working with to create our company’s holiday greeting. Their ecards are just a video file embedded into an HTML webpage – a one-page website. Nothing fancy and no special technical requirements.

The samples on their site are the same as what they provide us at the end of the project. Here’s one you can check out.

I just want to confirm if we are able to host the ecard on our own website or if we should order their Temporary Ecard Hosting service instead.

Let me know as soon as possible please.


Hosting is actually a simple concept when it's explained appropriately.

Videos cannot be embedded into emails and expected to play when the email is opened.

Our ecards are actually videos. Since videos cannot be embedded into an email and expected to play when a recipient opens it, they need to live online somewhere and viewed in a web browser. Exactly the same as your company’s website. In fact, if you have a company website, you have the technical capability to host your own ecard.

Our ecards are one-page websites. They are a video (the ecard) embedded into a single webpage - just like a video on a YouTube page or a video on your company’s homepage. And just like those, they have a web address (a URL) you can use in a browser to find them.

Our ecards are simple one-page websites. A video (the ecard) embedded into a single webpage.

Getting your ecard on your website is easy - for a web designer.

So, how do you actually get your ecard on to you website? Honestly, it’s a pretty simple task - for a web designer. If you don’t have a web designer or anyone who would help you with your website, then consider our add-on Temporary Ecard Hosting to make it easy for you.

If you don’t have anyone who helps you with your website, then consider our add-on Temporary Ecard Hosting and make it easy for you.

Posted: 2020-06-21