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5 Tips for Selecting Creative Corporate Ecards

Sending corporate greeting cards is probably the most recognized practice to establish goodwill with customers. But where do you start?

Man unsure what he needs for his company holiday greeting.

Many companies today are switching from traditional greeting cards to corporate e-cards because they offer more benefits. E-cards are environment friendly, they save the money spent on printing paper cards and they can be sent to multiple users at once.

A perfect corporate e-card should reflect the company in the best possible way. The design, colors, theme, and words; everything should be chosen carefully to portray your company appropriately in front of your customers.

Here are some tips to select the best corporate e-card for your company, which can help you build good relations with your clients.

"...everything should be chosen carefully to portray your company appropriately..."

1. Choose an E-card That Portrays Your Company

Select the right design and theme to reflect your brand. You can customize the greeting card according to your industry’s requirement; try adding a personalised image or company’s logo on it. Select a color theme that matches or compliments your brand. You can also add your company details on the last page or bottom of the card, like your company’s telephone number and slogan.

2. Keep Your Recipient in Mind

Select an e-card that is just right for your client’s industry. For example, if your client is from a technologically advanced industry, you may want to impress them with high quality animated e-cards. If you work with creative professionals, make sure to add an extra bit of creative and artistic touch to your e-cards.

3. Carefully Choose Your Words

Corporate e-cards communicate more than just your company information. Put some thought in crafting your message. You can add a catchy phrase or a simple greeting to make your card memorable. Make sure that the message is sincere, short, and reflects your company’s culture.

Keep your client’s language under consideration. If you are ordering corporate e-cards in bulk, which are to be sent to clients from different countries, consider getting your ecard in multiple languages.

4. Go for Personalised E-Cards

Corporate e-cards are an amazing tool to connect with your customers, but ensure that your card does not get lost in your customer’s inbox by personalizing it. Personalised greeting cards are more likely to get noticed and are remembered for a long time.

Clients feel more valued when they receive a personalized greeting card because it shows that you spent your time and money on it.

5. Don’t Forget to Add the Marketing Touch

Corporate greeting cards also serve as a marketing and promotional tool for your business. When a client receives a greeting card, he or she is in a pleasant mood and more likely to listen and get convinced to try your product or service. Therefore, it is okay to add a marketing or promotional message on your card. But make sure not to overdo this, because it can kill the purpose of a greeting card.

Corporate e-cards can be a terrific way to establish your company’s goodwill and reputation. Designing a creative and effective corporate e-card requires a little time and effort, but the reward is well worth it.

Posted: 2016-01-26